Explorer Performance

Equipped with the latest controller, advanced temperature compensation system, powerful PC-DMIS software and multi-probe system, Explorer Performance brings you an unparalleled user experience. This cost-effective measuring machine series, based on the multi-probing technology, Explorer Performance supports a wide range of applications, from point-to-point to the most demanding contact or non-contact scanning measurements.

The HP-S-X1 is a high accuracy 3D scanning probe that can rapidly and automatically collect thousands of data points for the complete and precise evaluation of all part features, including form, location and size. It supports both single point probing and continuous scanning. Also available is the self-centering mode, which is particularly useful for measuring gears. Like the other Scanning probes, the HP-S-X1 provides simultaneous and unclamped probing in all axes, always orthogonal to the contact surface.

The HH-A/HH-AS is a motorised indexable probe head featuring high speed operation & high rotational torque. This fully motorized, highly accurate probe head is the universal system component for use with a coordinate measuring machine, whatever the model or manufacturer. It can be used with extension bars up to 300 mm long.

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