Completely portable measurement system for simple and fast 3D gear measurements.

To facilitate the measurement of gears, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence combined the most portable CMM - the ROMER Absolute Arm - with QUINDOS which outlines the most powerful software on the market for the analysis of special geometries. Now all cylindrical gears (internal, external, straight and helical) even of unknown parameters -can be measured rapidly and in an intuitive environment.

Absolute Arm
A portable measuring arm is a good investment. The time required to train users is minimal - even unpracticed personnel will produce reliable measuring results in a short time due to the user-friendliness of the ROMER Absolute Arm. Inspection and control throughput is increased dramatically, and because the ROMER Absolute Arm helps to ensure quality, there is a fast return on investment. Increase productivity and minimise off-spec production - in the long term and with absolute efficiency.

Measurement of Cylindrical gears, straight or helical, internal and external, on high precision Coordinate Measuring Machines. Evaluation according to DIN, ISO, JIS, AGMA, ANSI, CNOMO or CAT standards, with and w/o eccentricity. Modifications of profil, helixe and tolerance. The QUINDOS Gear package includes the inspection of Serration Gears, with straight or involute profile according to DIN 5481 and DIN 5482.

QUINDOS Unknown Gear
Inspection of straight and helical, external and internal gears or gear segments with unknown parameters. All standard parameters are evaluated, i.e. module, pressure and helix angle, addendum modification, etc.

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