HP-L-20.8 Laser Scanner

Highly portable and easy to use, the HP-L-20.8 is a powerful tool for a huge range of metrology applications including feature inspection to CAD, free-form surface inspection to CAD and reverse engineering.

Designed for Absolute Arms, the HP-L-20.8 produces first class performance on complex workpieces made from the most challenging materials. With adjustable line lengths up to 220mm and a speed up to 150,000 points per second, this flexible laser scanner delivers accurate 3D point clouds at high speed.

Benefits of laser scanning:

    Rapid capture of free form surfaces
    High density point cloud for accurate feature inspection
    Reliable measurement of fragile, flexible and soft parts
    Increased productivity with shorter measuring times
    Complete digital copies created in minutes

Sensor Features:

    Fast - up to 220mm line and up to 150 000 points per second
    Accurate - patented technology delivers high integrity point cloud
    Versatile - automatic laser power adjustment according to surface
    Portable - arm and scanner fit in a single transport case
    Removable - repeatable mounting means no recalibration
    CMM compatible - also works on Horizontal arm, Bridge and Gantry systems

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