Leitz PMM-C

Leitz PMM-C

The PMM-C series are ultra high precision coordinate measuring machines suited for quick inspection of basic geometries and most types of special geometries such as gears, optical lenses, camshafts, worms, screw compressors etc

Leitz PMM-C - Ultra-high precision CMM & gear checker

The Leitz PMM-C is a fixed bridge/moving table-type coordinate measuring machine. It combines ultra-high accuracy with outstanding speed, thus ensuring a very high throughput. This coordinate measuring machine is fast, affordable and allows to perform all measuring tasks, even the most complex ones. The Leitz PMM-C is also offered as a gear inspection center. It can accommodate maximum outside diameters up to 1550 mm.

The Leitz PMM-C line of high-performance CMMs combines ultra-high accuracy with unmatched high machine dynamics. This results in extreme short cycle times and therefore very high throughput. Fast data gathering and advanced High-Speed-Scanning further improve the throughput for efficient process control.

The Leitz 3D probe technology with integrated High-Speed-Scanning enables fast collection of large point numbers. Coordinate measuring machines of the PMM-C series are also capable of form inspection.

Measuring machines of the Leitz PMM-C series are also used as gear checkers. Very fast and ultra precise inspection of any kind of gears up to a diameter of 1550 mm is possible with those machines. Gear cutting tools such as hob cutters, broaches, shaper cutters and shaving gears can also be measured.

Leitz PMM-C gear checkers provide several advantages compared to a conventional single purpose gear checker:

  • They are much more flexible, as not only gears but any component and any geometry can be measured.
  • Leitz gear checkers work without a rotary table, i.e. alignment or centering of the gear is not required.
  • Unrivalled throughput by automatically measuring a large number of gears on one pallet
  • Complete inspection of gears mounted on long shafts of up to 2400 mm
  • Leitz PMM-C coordinate measuring machines / gear checkers measure all datums as specified in the drawing, even in large internal gears.

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