MICRA - Mini CMM with maximum performance

The MICRA coordinate measuring machine (CMM) is naturally predisposed for quality inspection of small high-precision parts. It unites high accuracy and exact single-point inspection with accurate scanning of surfaces and profiles. The miniaturized HP-S-X1C high-tech scanning probe system provides MICRA 's foundation. With this high-accuracy 3D probing system, the MICRA provides both single-point inspection and surface scanning as standard features.

Designed for applications of micromechanics and convoluted surface parts, DEA MICRA is the ideal blend of compact size, uncompromising high measurement accuracy and flexibility.

The perfect integration of bridge CMM technology and the HP-S-X1C scanning sensor makes MICRA a multifunctional measurement tool which is ideal both for single point probing of prismatic parts and high-speed continuous scanning of profiles and complex geometries.

In addition, the MICRA has a small footprint and can be transported quickly and flexibly. The light-alloy frame specially designed for added rigidity, combined with the exclusive portal configuration of the X traverse utilizing the TRICISION® architecture, optimizes the relationship between rigidity and weight. This way, the highest possible accuracy and outstanding long-term stability are achieved.

Regardless whether using CAD-based construction information or if measuring complex, difficult geometries: the MICRA - armed with the PC-DMIS or QUINDOS software - represents the state-of-the-art quality inspection for small-part measurement.

The MICRA is particularly suitable for the following applications:

  • Precision engineering and the optical industry
  • Electronics and telecommunication
  • Medical technology engineering
  • Watchmaking

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