Peel 2-S / Peel 2 CAD-S

Thanks to the new Peel 2-S scanner, you can take advantage of higher measurement resolution, color capture, enhanced tracking and better geometry capabilities on parts from 5cm to 50cm.

Mechanical parts

When detail and resolution are key to the application.

3d printing

Lots of 3d printing related opportunities.

Body scan

Especially for small body parts.


Thin plastic sections are well defined and surface quality is excellent.

What's in the box?

18v power supply
4m USB+power cable
Calibration plate
2x 500 targets (3mm)
USB Software kit
Quickstart Guide
15 Target Saver ™Scanning Turtles

The complete 3D scanning solution for your reverse engineering and design projects is the Peel 2 CAD-S option, reducing your time-to-market and improving overall design efficiency.

AccuracyPart SizeResolutionRateVolumetric AccuracyStand offDepth of FieldTexture Resolution
< 100 mm0.05 - 0.5 m0.100 mm550,000 pts/s0.300 mm/m380 mm100 mm50 to 250 DPI

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