The Alesta family is a product that simplifies the setting of 2-point bore gauges. It replaces the traditional way using a lot of different rings.

Thanks to innovative adapters, a positioning error will be eliminated and the speed of measurements increased. You just input the dimension into the key board and the required mobile carriage will position itself automatically onto this position. The mobile carriage system will always stay in the desired position even when applying a force on the anvils.

The stable granite base combined with a high precision measuring system guarantees excellent measuring results. Using a tolerance table the carriage can be positioned to the selected tolerance range. This table can be tailor-made to customer’s requirements. This product achieves a typical return on investment of 2 years. The acquisition of new rings and their calibration will be eliminated. The instrument range includes 3 models: 300, 500 and 1000 mm.

  • Ideal for use in the workshop area
  • Very simple manipulation
  • Motorized carriage movement
  • Stable granite base
  • High precision measuring system
  • Tolerance data base
  • Wide selection of adapters and accessories
  • Internal and external measurement possible

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