Automated white light system

The white light measuring system Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WLS400A is a flexible solution for real-time shop floor metrology. It acquires rich dimensional information from measured objects regardless of size, complexity or geometric features. This turnkey solution overcomes demanding environmental conditions such as vibrations, temperature and illumination changes and is applicable with all common industrial robots.

Compared to traditional measurement methods, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence WLS400A offers:

  • Up to 50% savings in checking fixtures costs
  • Lower sampling per tryout event
  • Reduced metrology data interpretation effort
  • Change of inspection points without tooling investment
  • Reduced number of special studies and lay-out panels
  • Reduced number of physical builds using virtual assembly studies
  • Minimum scrap costs during line tune-in and ramp up
  • Higher system throughput
  • Significant reduction of labour costs
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Overall lower cost of quality

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