Accuracy & Versatility in the Energy Sector | Tue 12 Oct 2021

From hydropower plants to wind turbines and from nuclear power plants to pipelines, the energy sector encompasses a wide variety of industries that all share the desire to maximize the useful life of their assets, and to increase performance and efficiency, while reducing downtime.

In this “Ask an Expert” webinar, our experts will discuss the many applications of 3D scanning technologies in all stages of product lifecycle management (PLM), from quality control during production, to reverse engineering and general servicing. An interview with ANDRITZ Hydro GmbH will also showcase how the addition of 3D scanners to their metrology equipment has taken them to a new level.

This presentation will focus on:

  • How 3D scanning offers a versatility that can be applied to a variety of assets, such as rail cars, beams, flat plates, pipes, etc.
  • How portability and rapid field deployment enable companies to tackle challenging environments, complex geometry and short timelines.
  • How the increase in speed and user independence provides a quick return on investment

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