ACE WIRE is the first company in Australia that has invested in AICON's tube and wire technology. Installed in November 2013 by Hi-Tech Metrology and AICON engineers, the family business utilises the TubeInspect HS for the inspection of it's bent wire products.

ACE WIRE designs and manufactures wire, sheet metal & tube products e.g. welded mesh, wire forms, welded assemblies, display stands, shopfitting products etc. The company services, among others, the automotive industry. They look back on a 60-year-company-history and today, they are market leaders in Australia. In order to be competitive, ACE WIRE works with modern machines and technologies. TubeInspect is a part of these innovative processes.

TubeInspect is in daily use at ACE WIRE. Since the implementation in November 2013, 50 new components have been set up into TubeInspect. Simon Blashki, junior director of the company, is delighted: "Now, we can ensure that the contours of our bent wires are correct. All parts that we deliver to our customers are correct and we are able to confirm the dimensions and tolerances on the TubeInspect measurement report."

Especially for new products, the setup of the production machines have be very time consuming in the past. Now, TubeInspect provides reliable correction data for all bending points after the manufacturing and measuring of the first part, so that the setup of new components is much easier. Moreover, even though this correction data is manually entered into the bending program, the machine is set up in just a fraction of the formerly required time. Many of the components have about 20 bending points. They used to be inspected with mechanical gauges in the past. Today, a full 3D measurement takes only seconds. Managing director Philip Blashki is happy: "TubeInspect is simple to use and it definitely improves our position against our competitors. We have to be flexible with our production; sometimes, we even have to produce small batches. With TubeInspect, we need much less time than before to set up our machines."

"For AICON, the new customer in Australia is another milestone in the wire business", says Günter Suilmann, sales director for TubeInspect at AICON. "Our TubeInspect is perfectly suited for the measurement of small and complicated components. The international wire market offers even more potential for the future."

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