Digital Instruments

Measuring Bench

Sylvac measuring benches enabling most small external and internal dimensions to be checked precisely and quickly

Bowers DigiMic

Introducing the Bowers DigiMic, the latest innovation in external measurement


Vmux allows connecting and organizing all the Sylvac instruments either by USB cable or by Bluetooth®...

Digital Protractor

A digital protractor with large LCD for ease of viewing

Digital Thickness

A sophisticated and unique Sylvac Digital Feeler Gauge

Digital Calipers

Sylvac calipers are hands down the best quality electronic calipers available on the market today

Digital Indicators

​The electronic indicators are equipped with a linear sensor and an engraved scale...

Digital Micrometers

Sylvac micrometers are some of the finest quality, most accurate, and most requested micrometers...

Ultralight Calipers

Sylvac's lightweight heavy-duty electronic digital calipers include sizes up to 3000mm and resolution of .01mm...

Probes and Displays

​Depending on the application, Sylvac have the solution...

Depth Gauges

The Sylvac S_Depth Pro Electronic Depth Gauge is the most recent addition to our product line of depth gauges...


Connect all your Sylvac instruments either by USB cable or by Bluetooth®.