Traceability is as crucial to measurement as customer satisfaction is to your business and calibration of your measuring devices is arguably the most critical component of the measurement system.

As many of you would know, most ordinary brands of portable measuring arms have to be shipped overseas for calibration which is not only expensive but also leaves you without your valuable portable CMM equipment for weeks or months at a time. But now, with the local service offered by Hi-Tech Metrology, customers are able to pre-plan their calibration with a 2 day turnaround (depending on arm type) - saving both time and money!

Since 2012 Hi-Tech Metrology has offered this service to  customers exclusively with the ROMER/CIMCORE brand of portable arms in our purpose-built factory authorised facility.

Now, as a result of growing demand for local certifications, Hi-Tech Metrology is pleased to announce that as from 1st June 2014 we are providing a local certification service of other manufacturer's arms, such as FARO, with a 2 day turnaround in our Melbourne head-office laboratory facility.

Paul Mayberry, National Operations Manager at Hi-Tech Metrology says "Hi-Tech is committed to providing support that  extends far beyond our product offerings. We have listened to the needs voiced by the local market and I'm proud to announce that our local technicians are at your service for calibration, training, consultations, part programming, contract inspection and system rebuilds."

Hi-Tech Metrology, in keeping with our overall business philosophy of providing..."Precision in Everything" continues to invest heavily in state-of-the-art, traceable calibration/test fixture equipment and facilities that meet international and local standards' requirements. The calibration fixture and artefacts are calibrated by a NATA accredited facility, fully maintained and controlled in our metrology laboratory in Hallam.

For more information on any of our range of calibration services please contact your local Hi-Tech Metrology sales or service representative.

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