Height & Horizontal

Trimos V1/V1+

Tough gauges for the modern workshop

Trimos HC3/HC4/HC5

UL calibration bench - new generation of calibration instruments


Portable Coordinate Measuring Machine designed for the shop floor

Trimos V8

The V8 shares the features that made the model V9 so successful: extreme precision and repeatability, high resolution, and Swiss made finish. What is to underline

Trimos V3

The height gauge V3 has been developed for the most difficult workshop environments

Trimos V4

The V4 measuring column offers the same functions as the V3 plus

Trimos V5

The height gauge V5 is the descendant of the legendary V+ line

Trimos V6

Trimos was the first to offer vertical measuring instruments on the market more than 40 years ago

Trimos V7

The height gauges V7 combine technological innovation and tradition

Trimos V9

The height gauge V9 has been developed for the most demanding users

Trimos Horizon Granite

Presetting and calibration benches for comparative measurement instruments up to 12000 mm


Motorized setting bench for the control and calibration of measuring means with fixed and variable dimensions

Trimos TELS

The Mini-Horizontal TELS is the ideal instrument for checking small dimensions

Labconcept Nano

The Labconcept Nano is a new reference in the field of dimensional metrology

Trimos THV

The horizontal THV instrument designed for calibration and certification of small gauging equipment