Contract Programming

When you get a new part that needs to be measured, but you are short staffed, we can help. Metrology part programming is our speciality, we have local engineers skilled in creating sophisticated CMM part inspection programs ready to help

Our experienced programmers are able to offer clients a range of part programming services to suit most needs, whether they be for an urgent project, for new products or first-off submissions.

These services are an affordable, cost effective and totally transferable way in which to generate new part programs and efficient measurement techniques; they offer clients the best way to launch into a new product, to prove out manufacturing processes and capabilities or to help secure a new contract.

All of these services can be performed at your facility or ours. We can program offline at our facility, even without a part, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition. Or, we can visit your facility and use your machines for additional customisation of your specific needs

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