Our contract measurement service offers a range of individually-tailored contract measurement and reverse engineering solutions to clients in Australia and around the globe. Our services include both in-house and on-site measurement tasks, analysis, reporting and 3D modelling etc, using an array of the latest metrology equipment including tactile CMM, portable arms, laser trackers and laser scanners etc. 

The range of deliverables provided by our projects team to customers include textual metrology reports, graphical reports to 3D CAD, PPAP reports, decimated and 3D surface data, fully reverse engineered 3D CAD models etc.  More and more of these projects that we are involved in include surface modelling to create full 3D CAD models, as-built documentation, bill of materials, clash detection and visualisation exercises.

Our clients are seeing the value of outsourcing the specialist task of dimensional measurement and collecting as built information in order to document their facilities and existing products.  Ultimately with the skills, experience and expertise of the projects team at Hi-Tech Metrology we enable customers to ascertain quickly and efficiently the key data sets for their projects, allowing them the time and the resources to perform the ensuing analysis tasks and if required take corrective actions in order to improve their business performance.

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