Heavy industries and mining usually mean difficult conditions, and oversized equipment. Within this realm, it’s the measurement equipment that needs to come to the part, and not the opposite. This is where the portability of Creaform 3D measurement technologies really stands out as a major benefit. Whether for a mechanical adaptation or for monitoring the wear level, Hi-Tech Metrology’s skilled personnel along with Creaform’s technologies can quickly resolve the issues faced by companies working in these sectors.


Engineering time for developing mechanical products can be significantly optimized through using accurate, representative digital models. Experts from the Hi-Tech Metrology’s Applications Team can create such quality models.

  • 3D scanning: acquiring data on very large, complex systems (laser / mid-range 3D scanners)
  • Design intent, as-is state, or congestion simulation
  • Stress, deformation and product specifics analysis
  • Inspection and quality control of heavy vehicle and industrial equipment
  • Reverse engineering for production tooling, rolling equipment, heavy machinery, etc.
  • Assessing as-built / assembled conditions


Monitoring wear levels for production equipment takes place during planned shutdowns, and thus must be carried out efficiently. The Creaform 3D measurement technology is perfectly suited for such applications, since it can acquire data very quickly, without having to move the equipment. Plus, this technology makes it possible to collect a very large volume of measurements, which can be used in different projects such as research & development, operations or preventative maintenance.

  • Mill inspection & analysis
  • Mill liner design and optimization
  • Shortened production shutdowns thanks to a fast 3D data acquisition
  • Highly repeatable data
  • 3D scanning possible even in tight spaces
  • Monitoring of wear levels and prediction of mechanical failures


Hi-Tech Metrology was founded in 1992 to support and promote the Sheffield Measurement range of Coordinate Measuring Machines throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Today our extensive range of metrology and scanning equipment combined with a complete array of support services and offices throughout Australasia enable us to tailor complete solutions incorporating hardware, software and engineering for virtually any measurement or reverse engineering task.


Hi-Tech Metrology’s services include on-site and ‘offline’ metrology inspection services, meaning our personnel and portable metrology equipment can run for hours independent from a ground power source.

For the purpose of reverse engineering, non-destructive testing for mechanical wear and damage assessments, or simply dimensional inspection, Hi-Tech Metrology have the skills, experience, expertise and equipment to help you ascertain quickly and efficiently the key data sets for your projects. This frees up the time and resources required to perform the subsequent analysis tasks and if required take corrective actions in order to improve your business performance.

Our business units have been developed to help and support clients with all of their measurement needs; whether it is a capital equipment purchase, support of existing equipment, or provision of contract measurement services. All these business units form part of a unique Australian business, one that strives to provide the best possible products and service to our existing and future customers.

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