Aircraft Surface Inspection

MRO companies, aircraft manufacturers and airlines are under increasing pressure to complete their maintenance and repair operations in the fastest way possible without sacrificing accuracy. Creaform's HandySCAN AEROPACK addresses this need as an easy, fast, and accurate solution for MRO companies. It includes a HandySCAN 3D scanner and SmartDENT 3D, a surface inspection software developed specifically for critical aerospace applications.

Hailstorm Damage Inspection

When an aircraft hits a hailstorm, MRO teams need to rely on a solution that enables them to quickly and accurately measure the impact to speed up repairs—and mitigate the negative ripple effects on future sales. Thanks to its remarkable versatility, operators can use the solution in any conditions, whether inside or outside, without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.

Flap and Spoiler Maintenance
Traditional, manual measurement methods for inspecting flaps and spoilers, such as pit gauges, can bog down productivity. Operators need a modern solution so that they won’t waste time searching the deepest points per dent or scanning a part’s entire geometry.

Aircraft Incidents Analysis
When an aircraft experiences hard landing or other damaging incidents, MRO teams must use a solution that can help them analyze any type of damage on any type of surface or texture. Teams need a solution to perform thorough analyses and any component shape, size or surface finish with confidence.

Scheduled Maintenance
Operators who are responsible to put the aircraft back into service need a tool to validate if a component is within acceptance criteria after rework is completed. Oftentimes, MRO teams don’t have access to the CAD models of aircraft components, which means reverse engineering components becomes key.

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