Sylvac Launch 2nd Generation Bluetooth

Sylvac, a pioneer of connected metrology, is proud to launch the 2nd generation Bluetooth® Technology on its instrument ranges for even more possibilities and easier connection.

To meet the most modern market needs, Sylvac have reinforced their Wireless Bluetooth® Technology communication by introducing 3 new different connection profiles, symbolized by the « IoT ready » pictogram on the instrument package:

• Simple: connection available on several computers/devices
• Paired: only one connection on a computer / device at a time
• HID (Human Interface Device): displayed measure sent as a computer keyboard

The new Bluetooth® profiles « IoT ready » offer the following benefits:

1. By default, the instrument is delivered in the Simple mode. The first instrument connection is fast and easy – turn on your instrument, it will be able to connect to the first detected device (computer, touchpad, smartphone).
2. A reconnection (Simple mode) to another device can be made easily without any specific manipulation on the instrument.
3. Manage the calibration date of the instrument, make it blink to find the instrument easily, control the battery life, attribute the function of your choice on the buttons and much more…
4. For a permanent connection to a computer/device, you can choose the Paired profile, that will link the both devices together.
5. The HID profile allows to detect the instrument as a keyboard and to transfer easily the values on the active application on the computer/device.

The new profiles « IoT ready » can be used only with Sylcom version 1.3.1/Vmux version 1.43 or higher. Updates of your software from the Sylvac website are mandatory.

To get the new «IoT ready» profiles now just mention « IoT ready » on the P.O.

Ready for the Internet of Things and an upgrade on the Sylvac Bluetooth® class?

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