Absolute Arm SI

Absolute Arm SI

The ROMER Absolute arm SI features an integrated scanner and can serve a range of applications such as 3D modelling / digitizing, reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, inspection of point cloud, and copy milling

Freedom of Movement

The universal scanning solution - accurate high-speed scanning for all types of parts and applications.

The Romer Absolute Arm seven axis "SI" series with integrated laser scanner delivers the convenience of a fully integrated 3D scanning solution. The scanner is permanently incorporated into the seventh axis, and weight balanced with ROMER's Zero-G counterbalance feature for ergonomics and ease of use. The feature pack contains the scanner interface, so no external controller box is required. Single button automatic laser power control allows scanning of different surface types. No warm up time coupled with no homing procedures means an operator can be up and scanning in just moments.

ROMER Absolute Arm with integrated scanner is the first portable arm system in the market that is factory calibrated and certified to B89 specifications.

One button automatic laser power control - allows to scan on different surface types with minimal operator interactionNo warm-up timeFactory calibrated and certified scanning systems according to B89.4.22 (for Hexagon scanners only)No coating or surface preparation necessaryScanning and probing interchangeable, automated probe recognition

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