Absolute Compact Arm

Absolute Compact Arm

The ROMER Absolute Arm Compact is a high-accuracy portable CMM designed to give reliable results in the tightest of spaces. More convenient than traditional measuring tools and far less prone to human error, it enables operators to check and recheck readings in a fraction of the time

The compact portable measuring arm for shop-floor use

Designed exclusively for today's machine shop, the six-axis Absolute Compat Arm is a portable, precision CMM with a 1.2 m measuring volume. The new Absolute Compact Arm is used for dimensional control of molds, parts, tooling, castings, and more. Its quick-mount system allows the CMM to be setup for on-demand measurement and inspection of parts or assemblies on your machine tool or anywhere on the shop floor.

With the Absolute Compact Arm, a machine shop can streamline their measurement process and replace a variety of handheld tools in the inspection room or out in the shop, such as height gages, dial calipers, bore gages, Jo blocks, micrometers, dial indicators and more. The new CMM is easy to install and use, with a very short learning curve for operators. The system's plug-and-play probes and ultra-intuitive software interface add up to no-nonsense operation. Detailed measurement reports are also generated automatically.

Mobile and Easy-to-OperateThe portable Absolute Arm 1.2m gives machine shops access to the same functionality typically found in a metrology lab. The Arm‘s long life, internal battery grants unfettered mobile operation. There is no special installation required onsite. The Absolute Compact Arm can be mounted directly onto a machine tool, allowing the machinist to inspect the work-piece on the machine. Operators are not required to have metrology knowledge. After each part inspection, the software program automatically generates detailed measurement reports.

Innovative Counterweight and Wrist DesignThe Absolute Compact Arm's innovative counterweight design eliminates operator fatigue and assures the same high accuracy over the full range of measurements. A new ergonomic wrist with intuitive and easy-to-reach buttons is comfortable to use, and increases operator productivity.

Plug-and-Measure ProbesUsing Swiss-made multi-wire connectors from TESA, ROMER's automatic probe recognition feature is now combined with a highly proven, robust kinematic joint connection. MultiGage electronic probes are automatically recognized and identified by the software requiring no recalibration of probes when changing from probe to probe.

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