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Sylvac micrometers are some of the finest quality, most accurate, and most requested micrometers. Sylvac has been known throughout the metrology industry for their height gages, indicators, calipers, and electronics but are rapidly becoming more popular for their micrometers.

The S-Mike Pro micrometers have quick-displacement so operators don't have to turn the thimble as much when opening and closing the anvils. Known as "The World's Finest Micrometer", the S-Mike Pro is available in three different size ranges as well as a Bluetooth model. The Sylvac S-Mike Pro micrometer is truly the new standard on how micrometer should be manufactured.


  • Automatic wake-up by moving the measuring spindle (Absolute System S.I.S)
  • Sleeping mode after 20 min. of no use (Absolute System S.I.S)
  • Position memorized in sleeping mode, Absolute System S.I.S*
  • Water protected for heavy-duty work with coolants and lubricants, protection rating IP67 according to IEC 60529, even connected
  • Measuring range 0-161 mm covered with 5 instruments only
  • Set of 3 micrometers 0-102 mm available
  • Quick displacement of the measuring spindle 10 mm / rotation
  • Adjustable measuring force 5N / 10N (versions 903.030X)
  • Repeatability and reproducibility never reached before
  • Thimble in polyacetal-copolymer

*for Bluetooth connection to a PC or D300S display, please also purchase dongle part no. 981.7100 (up to 8 instruments connected per dongle)

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