The Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 makes measurement simple without compromising on portability, productivity and resilience. From transport case to large-scale measurement is just a matter of moments thanks to a hassle-free setup process, while IP54-rated protection and an extended operating temperature range keep the AT500 working under even the most challenging conditions. From reflector measurement at up to 160 metres from the tracker to simplified 6DoF probing functionality, the AT500 is ready for every manufacturing and assembly challenge, no matter the size or location.

Fast and easy to setup and get started with measurement, the Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 includes integrated batteries and a built-in controller, and that can measure across a volume up to 320 metres in diameter.

Single-Box Probing System
Just one case contains the lightest and most portable sensor and probe as well as IR remote, with various transportation case options for full flexibility.

Smart Connectivity
Built-in WiFi with true access-point functionality delivers single-user operation through simple PC setup and remote control.

Bluetooth Control
The AT500 Connect app offers quick settings adjustments over Bluetooth direct from a smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS).

Automatically re-establishes interrupted line of sight within a wide field of view with no user interaction required.

Continuous Measurement
Continuous time and distance measurement mode, with measurement sampling rate at 100 Hz.

Integrated environmental unit monitors conditions including temperature, pressure and humidity to compensate for changes and ensure accurate measurements regardless of external factors.

Enables measurement with the Z-axis aligned to gravity, ideal for levelling and alignment tasks.

Battery Power
Independent hot-swappable battery power supply allows for quick and easy cable-free setup and all-day wireless operation.

Operating Temperature
Wide operating temperature range of -15 to +50° Celsius.

Measurement Volume
Ultra-large measurement volume of up to 320 metres (ø), with minimum measurement distance less than 0.8 metres.

Next-generation probing
The battery-powered B-Probeplus brings entry-level 6DoF handheld probing to the 3D tracker segment. The probe is easier to handle than the previous generation and boasts a widened acceptance angle and increased range.

Hexagon Guarantee
Full 24-month factory warranty and guaranteed ten years of serviceability.

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