Leitz Infinity

Leitz Infinity - Most accurate CMM within its class

For the Leitz Infinity, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence drew on the whole of their long-standing experience, optimizing the latest technical developments to create a new UHA CMM boasting the highest available accuracy within its class. The Leitz Infinity achieves measurement results which are excruciatingly exact.

For very challenging measurement tasks and the highest precision in quality and process control, the Leitz Infinity coordinate measuring machine has been designed with extremely accurate probing.

The high accuracy of the Leitz Infinity makes it possible, in the production, to make the correct decisions and to keep the cost of producing parts at a minimum. A high parts throughput is achieved from the dynamic single-point probing and the serial High-Speed-Scanning (HSS) of known and unknown contours.

The Leitz Infinity carries out any measurement task with the highest precision regardless of whether on prismatic workpieces or parts with highly complex geometries - such as cylindrical or globoid stepping gears. In particular, part measurements with very close tolerances require a coordinate measuring machine like the Leitz Infinity for the highest precision.

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