Leitz PMM-C Precision

Leitz PMM-C CMMs are highly precise, premium metrology devices that deliver fast, ultra-high accuracy results to fulfil the most demanding inspection requirements across a range of precision applications.

The latest generation of machines offers exceptional accuracy across the series, with specific configurations and capabilities to serve individual application needs.

Two base models – Precision and Flexibility – address high precision applications with very tight form tolerances and applications that also require a high degree of sensor flexibility.

The Leitz PMM-C Precision model is configured to achieve the best possible measurement capability using ultra-high precision fixed probe head measurements. This model offers maximum repeatability and form measurement accuracy, even for long or multi-styli configurations in fast single-point probing or variable high-speed scanning procedures.

A modular sensor and styli changer rack enables the selection of the best styli options for each application.

Features and benefits

The Leitz PMM-C brings together innovative technologies that make it the pinnacle of high-performance metrology. The outstanding stability of the Leitz PMM-C platform guarantees maximum accuracy and reduced measurement uncertainty across the range. In addition, the latest generation of machines adds functionalities and features to lift the system to the next level of ultra-high accurate dimensional inspection.

Closed-frame design
The granite base and fixed portal guarantee long-term stability. The high stiffness of the measurement axes ensures consistent accuracy over the entire measurement volume.

Moving table
An efficient and precise travelling measuring table on pre-loaded air bearings ensures stable dimensional relationships and efficient movement, with no tilting or twisting.

Save air, save energy
Eco Mode+ reduces compressed air consumption, contributing to a more sustainable future. Save up to 100% of compressed air when the machine is idle and reduce overall air consumption during a typical measurement routine.

Messaging lights
Know what the CMM is doing. Messaging lights on the machine provide at-a-glance monitoring of the CMM’s operating mode.

High-speed and safety
Monitoring by two 2D laser scanners allows worry-free high-speed measurement in CNC mode. The machine will stop automatically when the user or an object encroaches upon the protected area.

High speed and accuracy
Servo-drives with recirculating ball screws support fast measurement. The CMM accelerates rapidly while retaining positional accuracy, reaching top speeds even over short movement paths.

Sweet spot (option together with Accuracy+)
Achieve ultimate accuracy levels for measurement of very tight tolerances on smaller parts or features that need to use only a limited area of the potential measurement volume.

4-axis scanning (option)
The optional rotary table allows measurement to be carried out with continuous 4-axis scanning, so highly complex parts can be inspected quickly with a high point density.

Wider operating temperature range (option)
The XT (extended temperature) option enables use in precision production environments that meet measurement room quality class 4 specifications – without needing a costly climate room.

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