Leitz PMM-F

Leitz PMM-F 30.20.10/16 - High performance CMM & gear inspection centre

Leitz PMM-F 30.20.10 and 30.20.16 measuring machines - where accuracy meets throughput. The PMM-F is designed to inspect medium sized components and gears not only with maximum accuracy, but with a high throughput as well. The spindle drive design combined with an overhead structure with minimized mass allows measuring velocities previously unthinkable for measuring machines of this size.

The Leitz PMM-F is a high-accuracy monolithic gantry measuring machine for medium sized workpieces. It achieves high throughput with highest possible accuracy on the shop floor or in the measuring room. The PMM-F is also available with a large measuring volume of up to 9.6 m3. It does not require costly foundations and can therefore be easily moved. Every Leitz PMM-F measuring machine is equipped with an integrated active vibration damping system.The Leitz LSP-S2 high performance probe head allows High-Speed-Scanning and can handle stylus length of up to 800 mm.

The Leitz PMM-F gear inspection center provides several advantages compared to a conventional single purpose gear testers:

They are much more flexible, as not only gears but any component can be measured. Leitz gear inspection systems work without a rotary table, i.e. alignment or centering of the gear is not required. Unrivalled throughput by automatically measuring a large number of gears on one pallet Complete inspection of gears mounted on long shafts of up to 3000 mm All datums are measured as specified in the drawing, even in large internal gears.

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