Sylvac Scan

All SYLVAC-SCAN machines incorporate the latest in high resolution CMOS line scan cameras and state of the art collimated optics. Extremely easy to use intuitive software “REFLEX-SCAN-II” with “Reflex-Click” technology for single button operation on the shop floor.

Return of investment
With typical cycle times <30 seconds compared with a 10-30 minute inspection time using traditional methods, investment is typically paid back in, under 6 months. Rapid cycle times are achieved thanks to the SYLVAC-SCAN one pass 2D image capture, rapid axis movement coupled with dynamic scan path optimisation.

Exceptional Quality/Price Ratio
The machine has been specially designed to serve the dual purpose of controlling manufacturing costs as well as achieving the highest quality standard.

Swiss Precision Mechanics
Like other machines from the Sylvac range, SYLVAC-SCAN machines are based on sturdy Swiss precision mechanical design, as well as state-of-the-art components.


• Quick release tooling
• Large LED status light
• Safety light curtain
• Door for cleanliness
• Live image view
• Integrated calibration master & temperature sensors for environmental control


• Easy to use
• Reflex-Click technology
• Part recognition
• Auto programming
• Single scan image capture
• Offline programming

• Customisable reports
• Data export
• Statistics
• Access security management / user accounts
• Dust filer for part contamination

Geometrical Features Summary

• Diameters
• Lengths, heights, distances, angles, chamfers
• Radii
• Threads, Parallel, taper
• Thread features, Major, Effective diameters, pitch, flank angles
• Perpendicularity
• Form deviation

• Part alignment
• Rotational diameters
• Run out
• Concentricity
• Roundness
• Cylindricity
• Across flats
• Straightness

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