Save 10% on Bowers Digital Gauges until 31st May 2021

For a limited time only, enjoy a 10% discount off the Bowers range of XT3 Bluetooth enabled XTD and XTH sets and individual bore gauges, along the ever popular Universal Gauge.

Please your order between March 1st 2021 and May 31st 2021 to receive your discount on the following eligible part numbers:

  • XTD Sets; SXTD5M-BT and SXTD6M-BT including SXTD5U-BT and SXTD6U-BT sets with multi displays
  • XTD Individuals; XTD20M-BT, XTD25M-BT, XTD35M-BT, XTD50M-BT, XTD65M-BT and XTD80M-BT
  • XTH Sets; SXTH5M-BT and SXTH6M-BT
  • XTH Individuals; XTH20M-BT, XTH25M-BT, XTH35M-BT, XTH50M-BT, XTH65M-BT and XTH80M-BT
  • Universal Gauge with digital indicator; TGUSET1, TGUSET2 and TGU1000-XT
  • Universal Gauge without digital indicator; TGUSET1-W and TGUSET2-W

Simply fill up your cart, and after confirming your shipping method the discount will automatically be applied to those eligible items.

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