The C3, entry model of our new portable CMMs, has 3 axes motorized (X, C, Z). It allows basic 3D measurements. This model is not yet marketed, so watch this space.

The C4 is the premium model of our new portable CNC CMMs. It has 4 axes motorized. (X, C, Z, P). The C4 allows high performance measurements in 3D.


At only 13,5 kg, the C4 goes with you wherever you need it. No longer are you required to take the part to the CMM, the C4 can be deployed directly in the manufacturing process.


The C4 is the easiest portable direct computer control CMM to use. Built with the intention of lowering the threshold of training needed to successfully operate and even program a DCC CMM, every component, from the mechanics to the software, has been examined for optimal user experience and ease-of-use.


The C-Line is delivered standard with the ControlCAT software, which allows you to perform many type of measurements: distance, circle, plane, line, point... To take full advantage of the performance of the C4, we advise the optional PolyWorks software, 3D software offering the advantage of ease of use.

  • Portable for the maximum of flexibility (works on batteries)
  • Ethernet or wireless communication (WiFi / Bluetooth)
  • Small footprint, for a large volume of work
  • Designed for workshop operation
  • High precision, thanks to the Renishaw TP20 probe
  • Ease of use thanks to Aberlink software
  • Fully CNC combined with manual operation
  • Offline programming by importing a CAD model
  • Logical 3D complement to the height gage 1D/2D

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