Hexagon Portable Products Meeting

Our General Manager, Craig Leckie, recently participated in the Hexagon APAC meeting held in Bangkok to receive updates on portable products produced by AICON, ROMER and LEICA all divisions of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

During the course of the event multiple presentations and hands on workshops were conducted highlighting the new features of the portable 3D Metrology products available.


Of particular significance was the new Romer Absolute Arm incorporating the latest RS4 integrated scanner designed to capture 3D point data from a wide variety of surface types at a staggering 752,000 points/sec.

Also highlighted was the Leica Absolute Tracker AT403 showcasing it’s new dynamic measuring capability which when coupled with the B-Probe provides an out of the box all round large volume measurement solution.

Last but not least was the PrimeScan high accuracy/high resolution scanning solution from AICON. Featured as an attractive entry level solution for highly precise 3D digitisation of industrial components the PrimeScan can be equipped with either blue-light-technology for industrial applications or white-light-technology for scanning with additional color information.

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