InnovMetric Releases PolyWorks® Metrology Suite 2021

InnovMetric, the global leader in smart 3D metrology software solutions, today launched PolyWorks MS 2021, the latest release of its 3D dimensional analysis and quality control solution. PolyWorks MS 2021’s curved surface analysis toolbox offers a built-in isotropic surface defect detection technology that identifies anomalies such as bumps, dents, scratches, and cavities directly on scanned data, without the need for a reference CAD model. Leveraging the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality devices, this new major release provides digital gauging operators with automatic mixed reality photo capture to ensure measurement traceability and accelerates assembly building through on-screen guidance powered by holograms. PolyWorks MS 2021 also offers users a more comprehensive offline CNC CMM sequencing solution thanks to the increased intelligence of its assisted sequencing technology, enhanced support for CMM components from all major brands, and a DMIS exporter.

“PolyWorks software solutions represent a valuable asset for our customers year after year by allowing them do more, more efficiently, using the smartest 3D metrology tools available. PolyWorks MS 2021 leverages new and emerging technologies that optimize the performance and usability of our solutions while interconnecting to more 3rd-party solutions than ever before,” said Marc Soucy, President of InnovMetric. He added, “With the addition of innovative dimensional analysis tools that boost user productivity, the integration of mixed reality technology in standard 3D measurement workflows, and significant enhancements to our market-leading offline CNC CMM solution that provide revolutionary measurement sequencing capabilities, PolyWorks MS 2021 fulfills our promise to keep delivering high-value solutions.”

Curved surface analysis toolbox

With this latest PolyWorks MS release, users benefit from powerful tools to make quick work of analyzing the quality of a wide variety of curved surfaces:

  • Bumps, scratches, dents, and cavities in curved or planar surfaces of scans can be located using the isotropic surface defects color map tool
  • 2D sheet metal cutouts can be fully inspected with the GD&T Line Profile tool
  • Sections of extruded or lofted parts can be analyzed using the GD&T Line Profile tool
  • The area of greatest deviation on high-precision contact surfaces, such as flanges, can be found using the local flatness tool
  • Flush & gap measurements are possible on assembled vehicles, even when certain areas cannot be measured, by extrapolating measured data using CAD models

Enhanced measurement operator experience

Manufacturing organizations can increase the efficiency and repeatability of their 3D measurement operations thanks to technological aids added to measurement processes:

  • Digital gauging traceability is available by capturing and automatically storing a mixed reality photo when measuring a dimension with a digital gauge
  • Digital readouts, axial deviations, and guidance arrows can be displayed as holograms in the operator’s view to help precisely position a machine, a tool, or a fixture
  • Measurement operations can seamlessly incorporate other digital enterprise solutions by using macro scripts that self-trigger before or after certain operations are executed

Comprehensive CNC CMM toolbox that facilitates the deployment of PolyWorks|Inspector™ as a standard offline sequencing solution

This latest release adds a new level of intelligence to PolyWorks|Inspector’s assisted sequencing technology and extends the universality of its offline solution:

  • The assisted sequencing technology can automatically determine if multiple tool orientations are needed to measure an object and configure object measurement methods
  • The assisted sequencing and collision avoidance and analysis technologies are compatible with Renishaw controllers
  • Hexagon and Zeiss inferred probe heads and laser scanners are available in the hardware catalogs when creating a sequence offline
  • PolyWorks MS CNC CMM measurement sequences are exportable to a standard DMIS file to accelerate sequence creation in legacy CMM software

Automatic surfacing technology

PolyWorks|Modeler 2021 proposes an innovative automatic surfacing algorithm that draws characteristic curves over a polygonal surface and partitions the surface into a minimal number of patches:

  • Models a polygonal surface with a single click by automating the creation of curves and surface patches and fitting a continuous network of NURBS surfaces
  • Creates editable models suitable for CAD design and simulation applications by automatically bounding surface patches with continuous curves that naturally describe the part’s characteristics
  • Produces lighter models with better fitting accuracy and patch continuity for downstream applications by automatically adapting the patch size and aspect ratio to the part’s surface curvature

Simplified and accelerated reverse-engineering workflow

Integrating the automatic surfacing technology within an intuitive curve-based surfacing workflow allows users to get the efficiency benefits of an automated solution while enjoying the flexibility of interactively editing the curve network to create optimal surface models:

  • Automatic surfacing results can be edited to remove undesired features by adding, deleting, or reshaping curves, as would be done in a manual reverse-engineering workflow
  • The description of curves that are critical for your application, such as symmetry lines, part boundaries, and subtle feature lines, can be controlled by providing predefined curves to the automatic surfacing tool

PolyWorks MS 2021 is available for download from, or you can contact us for more information.

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